In order to improve efficiency in provisioning, both for its customers and for its subsidiaries and production plants in Europe, in 2016 the car manufacturer PEUGEOT re-formulated the management of the logistic flows of its on-board documentation (the instructions and user’s manuals which are kept in the vehicle), and was supported in this by the European network of STACI.

Thanks to STACI’s presence in SPAIN, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, the PEUGEOT Group has been able to decentralise the management of stocks and the distribution of the on-board documentation for its dealers and production plants in each country. This involves a total of 8 million printed documents every year.

The ordering procedure has been simplified and modernised by the implementation in Europe of the STACI E-cats B2B on-line shop, another result of which has been that delivery times for the orders have been reduced by 50%. The factories in Spain, which produce 30% of PEUGEOT’s European production, are now supplied directly by VIVACE LOGISTICA-STACI from its premises in Spain.

Rodolph Roch, of the PEUGEOT Group, and Nicolas Brasset, STACI’s Sales Director.


"STACI has been a partner of the PEUGEOT Group for many years, and our teams complement one another perfectly to provide maximum quality of service. As a result, this project has been succesful thanks to the commitment of STACI, one of whose strengths is the ability to work together with its customers and not to work only for them”, added Rodolphe Roch of PSA.